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Project Description
Koober is a .NET framework based visually appealing Ebook creator for Windows. It has a pre defined format using SQLite database as book files.  Koober has inherently two modules. A Koob Creator called Koober, and a Koob Reader called KoobReader. Both are separate projects though the KoobReader is embedded in Koober, for preview. Koober implements SQLite.NET , a driver for SQLite database in .NET framework. 

Create ebook with default skin in 3 clicks! Add content later.

Create a fantastic koob, and if you are giving it away for free, send it to me at [ k o o b s t o r e s <@>  g m a i l . c o m] , I will host it on [ I will soon create a page  for showcasing koobs of different authors once I have a handful koobs from different authors]

PS: I am also releasing SquadLead( A TeamLead software to manage tasks, bugs, requirements, meetings, issues, testcases), as opensource for the Tasks Edition alone. Please be present on the event on Facebook.

The features are that

  1. Add pictures to your book
  2. Select the size of the book
  3. Customize skins to your book
  4. Bookmark, Index facility
  5. Safeguard your book using a password so that it is not edited again.

Forthcoming features

I am planning to include "epub" file reading ability to the reader, in the next release. The epub contains more of chapters than pages (more of scrolling work). Any suggestions here, please write in discussions.

System Requirements :

  1. Windows XP, Vista, 7
  2. .NET Framework 4.0

Koober looks like this(Create Ebook)


I recently started working on a ebook, which looks like this...

KoobReader appears like this (Ebook Reader)







I can help you with  new skins, but that service is not free because it consumes time :) ... email me for new skins and your theme. The charges will be nominal though.
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